Ladies Nail Treatments

Sports Massage


Express Manicure

Basic Manicure – £12

Express Pedicure

Basic Pedicure – £15

Luxury Manicure

Basic Manicure plus Paraffin Wax and Hand Massage (Base coat optional) – £20

Luxury Pedicure

Basic Pedicure plus Foot Mask and Foot Massage (Base coat optional) – £25

File and Polish (Hands or Feet)

Basic Manicure or Pedicure plus Nail Polish Application – £17

Gel (Hands or Feet)

Gel Hands – £23

Gel Feet – £25

Soak off – £10

Acrylic (Hands)

Full Set –  £27

Infill – £18

Take off – £13

Take off and re due – £32

Gel Powder (Hands)

Full set – £33

Infill – £21

Take off – £13

Take off and re due – £40

Minx or Foils (Hands)

Full Set – £28

Take off – £10

Take off and re due – £38


File and Polish, Gel, Acrylic, Gel Powder, Minx and Foils are only available from 1st December 2018

Please note

We CANNOT treat anyone suffering with Fungal or Bacterial Infections. Please see a GP if you are unsure of a current infection you may have before booking an appointment

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