Are you a runner, or in training for an event? Whether you’re training for a 10k or the London Marathon, keeping injury free is a top priority. That’s where sports massage can help you; keeping your body primed for peak performance.


What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage is a form of bodywork involving the manipulation of tissues with medium to deep pressure techniques.


Who can benefit from Sports Massage?

This type of massage is particularly beneficial for active individuals or athletes suffering with overuse symptoms i.e. muscle tightness.  Sports Massage increases blood circulation, removes waste products and reduces muscular tension which can greatly reduce the risk of injury and allow the body to work harder and at a much more efficient rate. Studies have also shown that Sports massage can decrease DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) which would benefit anyone who takes longer to recover from training.


This treatment can also be beneficial for anyone suffering with localised and/or referred aches or pains, muscle imbalances, poor posture and acute/chronic pain. Sports massage can also promote emotional and mental benefits. This treatment promotes the flow of oxygenated blood to muscles, the removal of waste products into the lymphatic system and increases the release of endorphins in the brain. These effects alone help in relieving stress and anxiety.


How often and when should I get a Sports Massage?

Therapists recommend to have one massage treatment a week during training periods depending on your sport and training frequency. If this is not possible, we recommend to have at least 1-2 sessions per month. In between maintenance treatments you can also prepare for your event with a pre-event massage. Pre-event massage can be used anywhere between two days – two hours before your event to help stimulate blood flow, elongate tissues and promote joint mobility. Once you have completed event, your muscles will be in a state of repair and fatigue.  Post- event massage will aid this recovery, reducing DOMS and lactic acid removal.


What about previous injuries and medical conditions?

At your first appointment your therapist will firstly ask you to fill out a consultation form which covers medical history, previous injuries etc. This form will outline anything that may prevent you from having a treatment. This essential process will keep you and the therapist safe, so please disclose all information that is asked of you.

There are some medical conditions that will prevent us from carrying out Sports Massage unless you have a GP note to confirm that it is safe to do so.  These include the following, High/Low Blood Pressure or any other Cardiovascular Conditions, Cancer, Diabetes, Allergies or Epilepsy. Please be aware if you have any localised conditions we can still treat you but we cannot treat the affected area e.g. Eczema or Varicose Veins. Massage cannot take place under any circumstances if you suffer from any of the following; Contagious Diseases, Vomiting, Diarrhoea, Fever, Severe Pain, Kidney Disease, DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis).


How long will a sports massage take?

Typically, a sports massage can take between 30-60 minutes but the therapist can advise how long you would need depending on the area that you want focusing on. You can also book a sports injury assessment/examination if you have any queries about an injury. After that, the therapist can recommend stretches and rehabilitation advice for you to follow going forward.


Ready to book? You can book your sports massage online or by phone, likewise if you have further questions please do get in touch.



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