Gent’s Groom Room will be moving from it’s current location on Sheep Street Bicester to the VIP room in Andy’s Barber Shop, Pioneer Square. We shall still be offering all the same treatments, just in a new and luxurious location – around the corner!

We shall close our shop on Sheep Street on Saturday 26th September and re-open in Pioneer Square on Tuesday 29th September. We will be using the same booking system, so the only thing that will change for you is the location.

Here’s a Q&A to clear up any queries, but do feel free to get in touch is we’ve missed something. In the meantime we look forward to seeing you soon.

Q: When and where are you relocating?

A: We will be re-opening on the 29th of September in the VIP room at Andy’s Barber Shop which is located opposite Sainsbury’s in Pioneer Square.


Q: Will you be offering the same treatments?

A: Yes we will be doing all of the same treatments that we off for our male clients now.


Q: Will my vouchers still be valid to use? 

A: Yes, absolutely – we will still be accepting vouchers for the Gents Groom Room.


Q: How can I book my appointment?

A:We will be continuing to use the same booking system that we do now. We will also have a different phone number that you can use to call and book your appointments that will later be confirmed.


Q: If I have a haircut at the barbers, can I also have a treatment in the same visit?

A: Yes you can if Megan has availability. There will be a waiting area that you can use until your appointment.


Q: What’s the best way to book my appointment?

A: Using our online booking system would be better for you to book your appointment or booking it in advance.


Q: What days will you be open?

A: We will be open Monday & Tuesday (9:00-17:30), Thursday, Friday (9:00-19:00) and Saturday (8:00-16:00).


Q: What should I do when I arrive to my appointment?

A: Please wait for Megan to take you to the waiting area at the top of the stairs outside the treatment room. She will then let you know when she is ready if you arrive early to your appointment.


Q: Can I book my appointment through one of the barbers? 

A: No, please go to Megan directly either at the shop, over the phone, by email or online to book your appointment or any questions you may have.